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The Sports Gurukul

RMDPSians physically fit and active with the sports gurukul.
Now it's a proud moment for the school to be partnered with the sports gurukul a one of kind physical education school training which concentrates on overall physical education, professional sports, and fitness development of each and every RMDPS students. The sports gurukul is operating from last 13 years and have almost 1 lakh participants.

The sports gurukul operates in over 25 cities across the country and we are now one of them. With the help of the sports gurukul we cater overall development and fitness need of our all students by bringing up and nurturing their sports talent. Now with sport gurukul’s help we can take our sports spirit students to next level and sports enthuthiast to certain heights. As coaches of sports gurukul have trained more than 15000 students at grass root level from last 10 years.

Now a lifelong fitness campaign with the sports gurukul where a systematic structured and integrated fitness program will be initiated with core objective of laying foundation in fitness and sports for school students. It is completely based on human kinetics fitness program under guidance of human kinetics guidance. Synchronized efforts by national and international trainers.


Objectives of the sports Gurukul

  • Physical activity sessions major focus on maximizing activity.
  • for an active and healthy lifestyle learn essential fitness, nutrition, and wellness concepts
  • Fight  from childhood obesity
  • Develop health related fitness components
  • Build discipline, self confidence, leadership and decision making skills through daily activity.
  • Help in cope up  with peer pressure and academics
  • Meet the requirements for daily and weekly physical activity
  • Enjoyment and student success is ensured.
  • Holistic development with focus on cognitive and social skills is achieved.
  • Help children understand the importance of physical fitness in life.
  • self assessment and self planning is taught
  • Lay the stepping stone for Lifelong Fitness