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Thank you for considering RMDPS to educate your child. Everybody desire for a quality citizen & we all know future is global and it reflects in sound training of your child. Nurture your kids with Proper school education along with traditional ethos. As quality education is the right and foundation of every child. Experience that overall development of character and personality in your child and feel the difference.

Good schooling not only helps in developing a better and responsible citizen but also provide opportunities for developing specific talents. Integrity, discipline, reading, writing and other offbeat activities help your child with overall personality development.

Guiding every student towards maintaining a positive attitude and success in the coming future. We teach our students by encouraging the sound body and sharp mind, high moral values & strong character. Fully equipped institution facilitate with a library, interactive digital teaching system, computer lab, advance science lab, and other recreation facilities. Our dedicated team and experienced teachers make sure to input positive efforts for the bright future of their students as we believe “positive change in this world can begin from educating children”.

-Mr. Gajendra