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Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Friends.

“I have a Vision of seeing my school as the premier co-educational school of Udaipur imparting besides quality education, a well groomed , disciplined and cultured feature generation which will be a boon for the society, inculcating in each student the right qualities and the spirit of being an Indian.
Developing students as responsible citizens of the country is a challenge in front of every educational institutions Emotional empowerment, physical excellence as well as ethical and moral stability are no less important than academic intelligence. The staff of RMDPS have always tried its level best to meet these challenges and make our students the pride of mother India. This spirit of determination, faith and devotion have brought us victories year after year, the goal to achieve higher goals is the spirit which marks the beginning of the session .

“If you just help in creating an atmosphere, the rest will be done by From the Principal’s Desk .
Atmosphere itself, even the wingless leaves rise like birds when a powerful storm comes”- Vinoba Bhave